Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Did Salma Hayek Have a High Profile Breast Augmentation?

One of my favorite actresses, Salma Hayek has definitely gotten more busty than a few years ago. This new look is accentuated by the fitted swimsuit in the second picture. Could this be from a high profile breast augmentation? Very possible.

As the most recent statistics have noted, breast augmentation is now the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure for women. All women- celebrities and those not so famous- love the way breast implants can improve their figure, enhance their cleavage, and help them fill out their clothes.

In my practice, we have women of all shapes and sizes requesting breast augmentations. When I sit down with women before their surgery, we spend a great deal of time talking not just about the SIZE of the implant they will select, but about the implant shape and profile height too.

Smaller women like Ms. Hayek (Salma is a petite 5' 1.5") often prefer implants with MODERATE or HIGH profiles. These implants are TALLER and more narrow than low profile implants- allowing a woman to receive a fuller volume implant WITHOUT the implant spilling off their chest and into their armpits.

(Salma Hayek Photo Courtesy of awfulplasticsurgery.com)


Anonymous said...

Umm.. I thought I read that Salma was breast feeding her child? Also, she's very pro breast feeding and she fed a child in Africa aka "wet nursing". I also thought I read somewhere that women with implants can't breast feed. Any chance these pictures are when she was nursing her child? I know when I become engorged I go from a B to a C very easily ! My breasts also look like implants when they are engorged.

Anonymous said...

yes, you can breastfeed with implants. many implants are under the breast tissue and a layer of chest muscle. other are under the breast tissue alone. complications can make breast feeding difficult or impossible but on average don;t interfere with breastfeeding.