Sunday, March 25, 2007

Breast Implants Improve Sex & Self-Esteem!

A recent study from the University of Florida noted that women reported better sexuality and improved self-esteem after cosmetic breast augmentation surgery!

The study recruited participants by advertising for volunteers at the offices of local plastic surgeons. 84 women completed questionnaires on self-esteem and sexuality before and after cosmetic breast augmentation surgery.

The study noted that overall; the women did NOT have particularly low self-esteem or poor sexual function prior to surgery. But the women DID NOTE a significant improvement to both aspects of their lives after they got breast implants.

This highlights that body image is an important factor in a woman’s self-esteem. The author of the study, Cynthia Figueroa-Haas, PhD, bristled at the idea that it’s frivolous for women to want to improve their body image through surgery:

"A lot of people consider plastic surgery a procedure that doesn't need to be done. They say women should stay with their bodies and what God gave them and be satisfied. I don't agree," she says. "This procedure does change women's psychosocial issues. There are differences [in life satisfaction] between people with good and poor self-esteem."

After the breast augmentation, women also experienced every aspect of their sexuality more intensely. They noted significant increases in arousal, sexual desire, sexual satisfaction, and lubrication.

These findings are consistent with what patients have told me at our center, as well. Women who receive breast augmentation often do so to improve or correct (for deficiency, asymmetry, etc) one aspect of their body that they may feel self-conscious about. Once their concern has been corrected, they feel more comfortable in their own skin.

It’s really rewarding to see a happy patient after a breast augmentation- they are more confident and tell us that they enjoy ALL aspects of their lives more. They usually leave it at that- we don’t pry for details…

I think that the importance of this study is to show that if there is a SAFE and EFFECTIVE way to fix something you don’t feel comfortable about… you should do it.

Personally, I encountered this 6 years ago when I decided to have LASIK surgery- did I NEED to do it? No. Could I have worn glasses for the rest of my life? Sure. But the glasses and waking up with contacts glued to my eyes bothered me, so after a lot of research I found a great, board-certified ophthalmologist and did it. The surgery was a miracle- everything turned out great and I have never regretted that decision.

Cosmetic surgery can make a great, positive change in your life. The important thing is to do your homework first- make sure that you are a candidate for that procedure and that the doctor you have selected is qualified to perform it. More on this later...

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